Our Logo

Inspired by Ignatius Loyola's love of 'Magis' - the more, the greater, the excellent!

The logo for Magis Milwaukee reflects our desire to minister in the Ignation tradition to the greater Milwaukee area.


The cogwheel is taken from the city logo to demonstrate that our mission is to the greater Milwaukee area. Within the cogwheel are the letters “AMDG” which expresses St. Ignatius’ desire for greater service of God. It stands for the Latin phrase, “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” --- “For the Greater Glory of God.”


Inside the cogwheel is a compass that is in the form of a cross that points in all four directions, reminding us of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ and signaling the willingness to work with Christ and go anywhere at anytime for the Kingdom.


“Magis,” a Latin word which is translated as “more” or “greater," speaks to the desire to do great things for God. The “more” is not necessarily quantitative but conveys the determination to do what is more effective in God’s service. It is a means to seek and strive for the Greater glory of God.

Pope Francis suggested to a group of students and teachers that they be magnanimous.

He said, "What does it mean to have a big heart, to have a great spirit; it means to have great ideals, the desire to do great things to respond to that which God asks of us, and exactly this doing of daily things well, all of the daily acts, obligations, encounters with people; doing everyday small things with a big heart open to God and to others."


This is the Magis in every moment!