Our Vision

Magis Milwaukee, a place of connection, exploration and learning where anyone with a spiritual desire can come to find direction, companionship and support. While our tradition is Catholic and Ignatian, we want to assist anyone who comes with honesty to discern his or her spiritual path and follow it with greater conviction.

Our Story

Mike Hogan       In a culture that has privatized God and spiritual experience, we find it difficult, even embarrassing to recognize our own experiences of God and, even more, to talk about them. Images of God from the past seem childish and new age imagery appears contrived, unconnected to a moral life and to the service of humanity. Ignatius of Loyola, a 16th century Basque has given us a highly relevant spirituality that offers an adult relationship with the resurrected Jesus that is mature, contemporary, socially aware and all encompassing. In his Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius has taught us to be companions of Jesus who even now is laboring for the Kingdom. He showed how to discern God’s vision for us and to express that vision in active service. Ignatian spirituality places a special emphasis on service to and with the poor and marginalized; but it is service that is prayerful and always in relation to the God whom we find in all things. As it was said of the Jesuits who belong to the order founded by Ignatius, it can be said of anyone who follows Christ on the Ignatian path; we strive to be “contemplatives in action." Ignatian spirituality  is one of the traditions of the Church, which resonates with the contemporary mind and helps us to encounter God, the Holy one in our midst. This is what Magis Milwaukee offers. 

Monica Meagher      After many years of active ministry I felt a call to deepen my commitment to the ministry of spiritual direction.  I enrolled in a graduate program at Loyola in Chicago which opened the door to the world of Ignatian spirituality.  Though I was familiar with St. Ignatius of Loyola and many of the prayer practices that are associated with his teachings, I was delighted to discover the breadth, depth and substance of what he offers to contemporary seekers.  In 2012 Mike Hogan and I began to dream about ways that we could share the principles, practices and world view of Ignatian Spirituality.  We envisioned a ministry of spiritual conversation and spiritual direction that would reach out in a wide and inclusive way to anyone seeking spiritual knowledge, guidance and support – out of that dreaming, Magis Milwaukee began to take shape.